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Owari Satsuma
Brown Select Satsuma
LA Early Satsuma
Early St Ann Satsuma
Not only is the Satsuma seedless, it is very easy to peel (hence the nicknames "zipper skin" and "kid-glove") and it stores well.  As for flavor, the Satsuma is quite sweet.  And its deep orange-colored flesh makes it a feast for the eyes too!  Of course, we also like it because it makes a great container plant - even in cold areas.  The fruit turns from green to yellw as it ripens and to orange at full maturity.  The fruit is edible when it shows some yellow color.  This allows homeowners to harvest and eat the fruit for a long period.
Limited varieties of citrus available in larger containers
2' -3'     3 Gallon     $28.00
3' -4'     3 Gallon     $42.00
4' -5'     3 Gallon     $48.00
It is the most widely grown Satsuma.  The first is medium to small, seedless, has excellent quality and matures from early to mid Nomber, but can be harvested through early December.  The trees are vigorous and have a willowy growth habit.
Item #1110
Both released  variety from the LSU AgCenter.  They produce medium to large fruit that matures in early September through mid October.  Fruit puffiness ranges from none to slight.  The medium-sized trees a spreading growth pattern.

Item #1112 LA Early
Item #1113 Early St Ann
This variety produces medium to large fruit.  The fruit matures mid October to early November, several weeks ahead of the Owari.  The fruit keeps well on the trees without becoming puffy.  The trees are large and have an open spreading branching pattern.
Item #1111