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Honeybell Mandarin
Item #1142
Ponkin Mandarin
Murcott Mandarin
Item #1143
Page Mandarin
Easily-peeled Mandarin oranges are ideal for eating out-of-hand.  The tree is usually thorny, with slender twigs.  The fruit is oblate, the tender peel bright-orange or red-orange when ripe, loose, separating easily from the segments.  The segments are utilized in fruit salads, gelatins, puddings, or on cakes.  Very small types are employed commercially in flavoring hard candy, gelatins, ice cream, chewing gum, and bakery goods.  Mandarin essential oil paste is a standard flavoring for carbonated beverages.  Tangerine oil is not suitable for flavoring purposes.
Mandarin oranges are much more cold-hardy than the sweet orange, and the tree is more tolerant of drought.  The fruits are tender and readily damaged by cold and do not stand shipping well.
It is the most culturally and geographically diverse.  It is grown in areas throughout the world, from Asia to South America, and along the coastal areas of the United States.  A medium-sized tree with an upright growth habit, the Ponkan fruit has a color similar to that of the grapefruit, but with a mild, pleasantly sweet flavor.
Item #1140
They are a medium size citrus fruit , with medium-thin, leathery rind that is moderately adherent but easily peelable.  Their skins' surface is smooth to moderately pebbled, and their color is reddish-orange at maturity.  The Page's flesh is deep orange, tender and juicy, and the flavor rich and sweet (this variety is considered one of the very best...especially for juice).  Seeds are moderately numerous.
Item #1141
2' -3'     3 Gallon     $28.00
3' -4'     3 Gallon     $42.00
4' -5'     3 Gallon     $48.00
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