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Fuyu Imoto
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Ichikikei Jiro (Dwarf)
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Leaves begin to fall off the tree in September, when the nights get cool, and a leafless tree full of orange glowing fruit is a spectacular sight.  This fruit is sweet and tasty when ripe and keeps for months in the refrigerator.  Persimmons can be eaten fresh or cooked like pumpkin pies for Thanksgiving desserts. They are edible and delicious in their crisp firm state.  However, they will have their best flavor if allowed to rest and soften slightly after harvest.
Native American
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The trees are easy to grow and larger trees can bear persimmons the first year.  The fruit comes in a variety of shapes and most cultivars are about the size of a baseball.  Ideal culture for persimmons is to water the tree frequently, and little or no fertilizer should be used.  These trees are grown commercially in the Deep South, even as far north as eastern Virginia.  The sweet, delicious orange fruit ripens in the autumn and the bright green leaves change to a bright golden yellow, being highly prized as an ornamental tree.  The edible skins tend to be tough.  Remove the skins with a potato peeler or sharp thin knife.  Or, blanch fruit in fboiling water 2 to 3 minutes then dip them in cold water, as you would to peel a tomato.  Slip off the skins when the fruit is cool enough to touch.  Leave the skins intact if you intend to bake the entire fruit.
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